We produce a variety of crops for sale to restaurants and markets (public sales coming soon).  Growing in a controlled environment results in a consistent supply while allowing us to customize and adapt the product for the specific needs of the chefs.  Our aeroponic technology results in top quality, clean, pesticide-free produce with less water and fertilizer use than traditional growing methods.  Produce is usually delivered right after harvest; the freshness and clean, dry growing conditions result in excellent shelf life.  Please contact us if you are interested in a specific product that isn't listed.


Our primary lettuce variety is the Salanova butter lettuce.  It forms a loose head with small leaves and good flavor, texture and appearance.  It has a very small core so there is very little waste and is easy to prepare.  Excellent for whole head preparations or cut for leafy green mixes.  Red and green varieties are available.

Ice Plant (aka Glacier Lettuce)

An unusual crop, the ice plant is a succulent ground cover whose stems and leaves accumulate salt in specialized cells on the surface.  The cells full of salt water look like ice crystals on the plant and give it a crunchy, juicy, salty taste.  Neat addition to salads, good with seafood.


Microgreens are the very young stage of leafy greens and herbs.  They are harvested when the first true leaves appear so look like miniature versions of the adult plants.  The flavors and nutrients are more concentrated in these young plants so give a good flavor punch as well as being attractive on the plate.  These are just a few of the varieties that can be produced, please contact us if you are interested in a particular microgreen.

Sorrel - Lemony herb that can be used in savory and sweet dishes where a little acid is wanted.

Scallions - Miniature green onions with nice flavor and spice.  Black seed hulls give it a dramatic look.

Cilantro - Also known locally as Chinese parsley

Chervil - Delicate herb with mild anise taste 

Dill - Frilly leaves with good dill flavor

Amaranth - Earthy flavor with dramatic fuschia stems




Garden pea - Very young pea plants, grown to a stage with a few young leaves and tender stems.  Excellent fresh flavor for all dishes

Tendril pea - This variety develops more pea tendrils for a dramatic visual impact.

Golden corn - Grown in the dark to keep its yellow color, intense sweet corn flavor.

Sunflower - Black oil sunflower seeds produce shoots with good nutty flavor.