MetroGrow Hawaii is utilizing various state of the art technologies to produce the highest quality produce possible with a focus on food safety and resource management.

Aeroponics - A type of hydroponic growing where the plants roots are exposed to air and then periodically sprayed with nutrient solution.  Compared to traditional growing or other hydroponic methods, aeroponics provides plenty of oxygen to support root development, uses less water and nutrients, uses no growing medium that needs to be cleaned or replenished and can support faster crop maturity.  MetroGrow Hawaii is testing both rotary atomizers and high pressure hydraulic nozzles in its aeroponic systems.

LED lighting - Indoor hydroponic operations have traditionally used high wattage lighting that produced a lot of heat and used a tremendous amount of electricity.  Advances in LED technology have enabled the indoor grower to reduce both heat and electricity use while maintaining adequate light to support plant growth.

Light cycle timing - Day/night cycle timing is often important for development of plant as they start to produce flowers and fruits. Leafy growth can be accelerated by increasing the amount of the daylight cycle. Some of our microgreens are grown on a 24 hour light cycle for faster production.

Temperature control - Most plants prefer a specific temperature for optimal growth. Size, color and flavor can all be affected by temperature of the growing environment. We grow in air conditioned spaces to enable production of crops that are difficult to produce outdoors in Hawaii.

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